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John Robison Bio Pic

Mr. John C. Robison
Born April 9th, 1961, a native of Chicago IL, who now and for the past 25 years has resided in the Atlanta Suburbs;

John is a businessman and entrepreneur that has actively worked in the building construction, renovation and restoration industry both as a General Contractor and Freelance Subcontractor to various National Construction and Restoration Firms since 1977.

John is a devoted husband and father, happily married to his beautiful bride Cathy of 21 years, and has two sons, one actively attending and one entering into their respective college careers.

Perhaps the unknown catalyst for John’s passion of the Construction and Restoration industry goes back to his early childhood when and at the age of 7, his family moved from the bustling down town of Chicago to the quiet suburb of Barrington IL. His family’s new home was being finished from the strike of a recent tornado that ravaged the area; much was to be done not only to his family’s new home but to the surrounding neighbors and neighborhood.

Shortly thereafter John found himself 10 feet deep in an excavated basement bolting foundation form walls, setting grade stakes, running lumber for the carpenters and holding the concrete chute on the remaining addition to their home.

John was quoted as saying ....
“I would call it more of a transfusion than a Catalyst; you know once this gets in your system....into your blood....It never leaves...To this day I still remember the Contractors always needing “more materials” and of course “more money”....We still laugh to this day about the near Three Stooges Antics of the contractors... “Run
another 2x4....Run another 2x4”.... “Can we Fix it??....Dr. you won’t even recognize it”!

John grew up in an era as he describes;
“If you wanted it you had to go out and earn it....if it wasn’t available ...you had to go out and build it....It’s amazing when I look back and think of the “activities” we did as kids for fun....they are now deemed as manual labor for pay. I was operating front end loaders, grading tractors, swinging a hammer and running a saw before I was in 6th grade”

John’s 8th grade summer was spent removing and replacing the stacked stone foundation of an 1800’s barn on his family’s small farm and turning one of the Out Buildings which was originally used as a chicken coop into a functional living space with a full bath, kitchen, living room and bedroom.

“I think I built one of the first fully functional “Man Cave’s” however nicknamed “The Coop” and didn’t even know it... But, I don’t know what is more fulfilling, the fact that the barn is one of, if not the Oldest Standing Barns in Barrington....or that I got to take MY family there to see it...still standing...and let them sit on the wall that I built as a kid some 40 years ago...It still stands today”.

During High School, John and some of his close friends started a company called A.F.A.B. They printed flyers and proceeded to advertise around town for odd jobs.

“...And boy did we have some “Odd Jobs”....We spent the afternoons and weekends cleaning floors, re-glazing windows, hanging and finishing drywall, painting barns and mending fences, sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, we even recoated a driveway or two....
You name it we did it.... You know... “Anything For A Buck”!

One of John’s toughest jobs was a remodel of a Barrington storefront for his High School girlfriend’s mother’s restaurant.

“You know...they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.....So naturally I thought the way to a girls heart was through her mom’s kitchen. It was important to “dear Mrs. Jones” that the original freezer which was cooled the old fashioned way with a large block of ice, be incorporated into her restaurant, so we had to disassemble the old walk in freezer which was built in place sometime back in the 1940’s or 1950’s, run all new refrigerant lines, separate and re insulate the wall panels, rebuild the ceiling and floor panels because of rot, and then reconstruct it in its new location. I can tell you this....the only thing colder in that town than the freezer was my first loves heart...<sigh>.....Hey at least the restaurant was a long running success”.

John’s talents were ever evolving and literally began growing outside...., he began working at a Landscape / Nursery where he started in the installation department and created a “Hardscape” division installing retaining walls, patio’s and landscape structures. It wasn’t long before he became the Installation and Retail Nursery Manager.

While continuing working John attended Harper College and studied Business Law, Spanish, Construction Management and Forensic Sciences.

John then moved to Dallas Texas and worked for one of the largest Landscape Companies in the state.
Aside from the daily commercial projects including commercial irrigation systems, John’s claim to fame was supervising the entire landscape installation of the “Wet and Wild” water park in Arlington TX.

John joined the Dallas County Sheriff’s Reserve and remained in TX through the better part of the 1980’s oil crisis impact.

“It was terrible, working numerous commercial projects one day....coming back the next day to no trespassing signs, chains and barricades across the parking lots...It went from Boomtown to Ghost town overnight”

Due to the economy and out of necessity John moved to Denver Colorado to continue his career where he worked on such projects as the Mile High Stadium renovations. John also worked part time remodeling and refurbishing residential and commercial properties throughout the Denver area.

In the late 1980’s and with the ever failing economy John moved to Atlanta but not before becoming a certified Landscape Designer through an Accredited Colorado Technical School.

John began working in Atlanta for a company that specialized in waterfalls, water features, Koi ponds, and exterior Architectural Structures.

John soon started his own Company (JCR Enterprises / Living World Landscape Company) and performed building renovations and remodeling, Exterior Hardscapes and General Contracting Services throughout the Atlanta area. Some of the notable projects John worked on were
Dion Sander’s then Alpharetta Estate
Dillard’s Department Store North Point Mall
Renovations and new safe installation at Cumberland Diamond Exchange

John’s diversities were soon realigned as the requests for his talents in construction renovation and remodeling were becoming more and more in demand.

“ I think this was the epiphany point of my eventual career shift....I was building a Koi Pond and Waterfall at a retired Brave’s Players home....when he came out on his deck and was yelling profanities at the phone....Once he finished I engaged him in conversation to find that “His Contractor” received a deposit for a 50-60K basement remodel and left the project....with only about 1000 dollars in materials ever being delivered....My client had planned for a big party over the holidays only 45 days away.....I felt so sorry for him so we offered our services ...completed the basement.....and saved his holiday season.....heck we even got invited to one whopper of a Super bowl party”.

John’s talents, his eye for detail, and his passion to help people were continuously recognized by his clients, their referrals and his family and friends...He was soon a top competitive and quality force to be reckoned with in the Atlanta Market.

“You know they say you should never work for family, or should you?
While working on my wife’s cousin’s home....A major storm had hit the east coast....Never really knowing what her cousin did...He asked if I would mind getting on a flight and write estimates for his company”....After he explained, “IT” hit me...So that’s what you do....I could feel that tingling in my blood...It’s what I was meant to do....That Catalyst...That Transfusion....Now I get it....Well off I went home to pack...Jumped on a plane...and 12 weeks later I came home....And I want to thank my Cousin Emanuel G. Papas (EGP& Associates), May God Rest Your Soul, for giving me the platform to expand my true and hidden talents....but no, I guess you should never work for family.”

John wanted to strengthen and solidify his construction and estimating talents and went to work for an Atlanta home builder as the senior estimator and variance officer. John’s talents were instrumental in bringing a 200 home per year builder to over 800 homes per year, while helping them streamline their spending and increasing their profits.

“My responsibilities were creating ground up building packages for custom and semi custom homes. I was also in charge of any variance purchase order requests from the building superintendants.

I guess the childhood experiences and memories of ...“hey we need more 2x4’s and money” has always stuck with me. I had a builder tell me that my estimated lumber package was short by over 150 studs and that we needed to increase the quantities to accommodate the construction....So we met at the in questioned framed home site....and we counted....and we counted again....and then he wanted to recount....so I obliged...This time marking each stud with a big black Sharpie; After I left, I adjusted the lumber count by 50 studs per his final count...50 less than my original estimated lumber package that is”.

All the while working for other companies John’s yearnings, and oddly enough the restrictions of working for other companies, to whole heartedly help people were bringing him closer to his ultimate career choice.

John began working for a Disaster Restoration Company and was responsible for estimating selling and managing projects such as house fires, water damages, and commercial building failures. John soon found himself as the Emergency Services Coordinator and spent many a night helping people, businesses, and educational facilities that experienced a devastating structural loss.

“I remember one Thanksgiving, putting the turkey in the oven at about 6:30AM...sitting down with the wife having a quiet cup of coffee before we woke up the kids....and yes the phone rings....House Fire....I was gone for 18 hours....Hey it was Thanksgiving....and I was thankful for giving someone in need my help....And I was thankful knowing I had my home my wife my kids and my turkey waiting for me when I got home”

John then Joined a National Disaster Response Company and spent several years on the road from storm to storm town to town and state to state helping people and businesses recuperate from major catastrophic events.

But he couldn’t believe what he saw from the industry, from the contractors, the carriers and from the insured’s.

It was in this period and his vast experiences that John realized the need for a specialized service within the industry, and, with his drive, determination and desire to help;
The CSI Group was Conceived, Created and Launched.

John formed two company divisions Consulting Services International the consulting division and Catastrophe Solutions International the restoration division.

During Hurricane Katrina John’s services were instrumental in over 100 million in claims disputes as well as providing and supervising a labor force of 175 workers for a church / school in the Jefferson Parrish.

“We...well they worked in 12 hour shifts 7 days a week 24 hours a day for 90 days in record temperatures over 110 degrees building 30 temporary elevated classrooms and over 70,000 square feet of elevated decking for the students to return to school and continue their education....There were days I was on site at sun rise, saw the sun set, and watched it rise again...before I realized I never slept, but we got it done on time for the kids”.

As the growing need for impartial, unbiased, honest resolutions became a prevalent requirement and yet a lacking commodity within the Insurance and Construction Industries; John laid down his “hammer and nail” approach to bringing people’s lives and business’s back together and picked up where those before him failed and those competing against him said it couldn’t be done.

“There is an extremely fine line between what is right and what is wrong and an even finer line between doing what is right for the loss or doing something wrong for the money....We’re just here to make sure it’s being done right with everybody’s best interest at heart”.

Over the course of the past eight years John has specialized in providing impartial, third party, support and dispute resolution to the Insurance and Construction Industries, and Individual Property Owners.

Through his vast and well versed resources of knowledge and experiences within the Disaster Restoration, Construction and Insurance Industries; John has provided extensive commercial and residential sales, estimating, project management, and labor support on numerous multi-million dollar projects. He has also provided, and served, by both mutual and Court Appointments, as Appraiser and Umpire on numerous large commercial and residential claims, and has always completed these services with a positive, expeditious and amicable resolve. With his personal demand for honesty and integrity, and his expectation of the same by others, combined with John’s driving force to provide exceptional services, John has earned a strong respect within the Industry as well as within his specialized field of services.

When asked today about the Importance of marketing and customer service, John responded.......

“The key to a successful business is to continuously provide prompt professional and proficient services at a competitive cost...It is not a company with the most locations and the most employees....

It is the company built upon the foundation of reputation, respect and response that will out stand a business of multiple locations with nothing more than a fancy fa├žade and nothing less substandard service....

It is not a company that can respond “Anytime Anywhere”....
It is however, the company that “Will” respond “Every Time Everywhere”!

....At the end of the day, the "Fancy Dinners" and the "Little Trinkets" do nothing more than fill their bellies and give their Kids something to play with when they come home from the conventions. It is sad that Companies feel that they have to lavishly persuade a Client of any type to absorb their work. If you ask me...that does nothing more than deteriorate the moral thread that holds our industry together. Besides...what are they truly going to remember, the "Morton's Porterhouse" and the "Flashing Pen", the numerous times you respond or the “ONE TIME” you don't?

If you perform under the Guidelines of Truth, Honesty and Integrity you won't have to look for work.... It will find you.”

John has extensive experience with Xactimate estimating software and providing accurate cost estimations and damage evaluation reports for large commercial, industrial, multi family losses as well as small residential claims. John holds numerous certifications and court recognitions and has performed numerous appraisals and Umpire services throughout his career.

John is accustomed to extensive travel into heavily devastated areas and is able to adapt and overcome in the most adverse of conditions and situations, yet, still able to perform and provide exceptional products and professional services. John has simultaneously and successfully managed multiple projects in multiple states. John is well versed in Emergency Services and Restoration Operations and Protocols, and has worked on projects ranging from $5,000.00 to over $20,000,000.00. John and The CSI Group, LLC look forward to discussing the vast potentials regarding the engagement of his services to accommodate your needs. Should you require further information concerning the credentials of John or The CSI Group, LLC, or would like to further discuss these potentials, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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