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Before During and after a Catastrophic Event
Your Critical Path To Success begins With Our:

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Pre & Post Disaster Preparedness
Planning and Programs

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Local & Regional Loss Consulting

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National Catastrophe Response

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Project Management

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Job Audits & Clerk of The Works

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Appraisal Services

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Umpire Services

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Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

And ends with unmatched Resolution,
Resolve and Results To each of our clients

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  We Are:
Property Loss Evaluation Experts providing Construction Consulting & Property Loss Appraisal Services.

Conceived in 2004 by the need within the industry, and launched in 2006 by its founder John C. Robison, The CSI Group, LLC is an independent Construction Consulting Firm that was founded upon the principles of truth, honesty and integrity and the desires to provide positive construction solutions to the insurance and construction industries as well as to individual property and homeowners before, during and after catastrophic losses or general construction disputes. As the growing need for impartial, unbiased, honest resolutions became a prevalent requirement and yet a lacking commodity within the Insurance and Construction Industries, John laid down his “hammer and nail” approach to bringing people’s lives and businesses back together and picked up where those before him failed and those competing against him said it couldn’t be done.

What We Do:
When Disaster Strikes (CSI) is at your side!

We specialize in Large Loss Evaluations to 20M + inclusive, but not limited to, the following services:

• Appraisals 
• Builders Risk Evaluation 
• Clerk of the Works 
• Construction Consulting 
• Construction Estimation 
• Construction Management 
• Cost Control and Analysis 
• Critical Path Coordination


• Disaster Restoration Coordination
• Expert Testimony
• Litigation Support
• Pre/Post Disaster Planning & Programs
• Project Management
• Quality Control
• Third Party Dispute Resolution
• Umpire Services

How We Do It:
(CSI) has the solutions to help you manage and the knowledge to make it happen!

We have earned a reputation within our industry by treating each
client fairly and equally while providing prompt, courteous and efficient services along with impartial and justifiable expert evaluations, costs and supporting information without any hidden agendas or interests in the outcome.

• We are non-biased
• We guarantee our work**
• We do not operate to generate commissions or billable hours
• Our consultants are employees, & not contract or commission based consultants
• We are big enough to provide for all your needs
• We have years of diversified construction experience
• We are not inconspicuously tied to a sister construction and/or mitigation company
• We understand how important a budget is
• We understand the demands for quality, accuracy, efficiency and professionalism
• We are small enough to treat each client as if they are our only one
• Quite simply we provide you the best product with a guarantee**

**(by maintaining and utilizing an open and unbiased relationship with major contractors across the country, The CSI Group, LLC will guarantee that any and all loss repair scopes prepared by our organization will have the performance back-up of licensed contractors within any geographical area.)

Why We Do It:
(CSI) knows When Disaster Strikes...Your Time Counts...Your Money Matters!!

Through his vast experiences and the obvious needs within our industry for honest and non biased Third Party Resolution, John has taken his accumulated talents and connections within the industry and turned The CSI Group, LLC into the industry leader for honest, accurate and impartial construction related solutions and has earned the respect of many colleagues and associates within this ever changing industry. This along with his personal demand for honesty and integrity and his expectation of the same by others, combined with his driving force to provide exceptional services, John has earned a strong respect within the Industry as well as within his specialized field of services. This allows The CSI Group, LLC, to provide prompt, courteous, efficient and professional services along with impartial and justifiable expert evaluations, costs and supporting information without any hidden agendas or interests in the outcome. As a non-biased third party (CSI) will provide an honest and comprehensive resolution to all your construction related needs.

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