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“I need a What”??

Yes, if you’ve made it to Appraisal you need an Umpire!

So you’ve made it to Appraisal, it’s the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded and with two outs and the go ahead run on second base.

No, it’s not the World Series but when you’re in an appraisal surrounding your or someone else’s home and life's belongings, it sure may seem like a fight for the Pendant.

You might even get the old “Who’s on first”? “What’s on Second”? And “I don’t know's on third”!

You’ve made your pitches they’ve swung and missed and when it seems those in the outfield have dropped the ball while some one is stealing home you call a time out. Well after kicking the infield dirt at each other, your only hope is for the team managers [Appraisers] to appeal to the Home Plate Umpire.

And now with the play under review, it’s time for the Umpire’s Call.

Oh, if the world of Insurance Appraisals and Umpire services was that much fun.

Much like a Home Plate Umpire an Insurance Umpire is and should be a competent, disinterested and impartial individual that is charged with the honorable position of making a final decision in the outcome. However this time it isn’t whose safe or who’s out. This time it’s somebody’s past, somebody’s present and somebody’s future.
It is important to understand the duties and responsibilities of an Insurance Appraisal Umpire. It is even more important to qualify your Umpire prior to selection through a series of conflict of interest checks. Ask your self or more importantly ask your umpire:

  • Does he/she have a previous relationship with the other Appraiser? No!
  • Does he/she have a previous relationship with the Insurer or the Insured? No!
  • Does he/she hold an interest in the outcome of the claim? No!
  • Is he/she knowledgeable and competent in the field in which they will preside as
    Umpire? Yes!
  • Is he/she able to fulfill the obligations of viewing the appraisal property? Yes!
  • Is he/she unbiased to the participants? Yes!
  • Has he/she previously acted as an Umpire on an Appraisal or an appraisal with the same complexities as the one in question? Yes!
  • Can he/she conduct him or herself in a manner as to not be influenced by outside persuasions? Yes!
  • Can he/she complete the process in a timely and expeditious manner? Yes!

If your Umpire candidates cannot answer these questions accordingly, chances are you don’t want them holding the fate of your Appraisal in their ultimate Appraisal Award Decision.
The importance of choosing an umpire at the onset of an Appraisal is critical. If the Appraisers wait and find themselves unable to agree on the Appraisal, what are the chances of them mutually agreeing to an Umpire? You guessed it, impossible. Then you are left at the mercies of the courts to appoint what is hopefully an Umpire that meets the criteria. Good Luck.
The CSI Group, LLC offers and provides Insurance Umpire Services as a non biased impartial and competent participant. In doing so (CSI) maintains a non biased non advocate position and performs the services of Insurance Appraisal Umpire under the following Creed:

• It is our duty as Umpire to investigate the loss, to make our own determinations and then if needed obtain substantiating opinions, recommendations, and protocols from non biased third party outside experts. It is then, and also our duty, to obtain any and all substantiating evidence including receipts, photographs, and supporting documentation from and of “The Loss” regarding costs of any suggested and declared specialty items, finishes, contents, or items that may no longer exist due to the extent of the loss.

• We will not, and do not base our Umpire Award Decisions, on Cause and Origin or Policy Provisions unless the governing laws of the loss provide for such assessments, and even though we are hired either by both the property owner and the carrier to perform as Umpire, “The Property To Be Appraised” is our true and final client.

• We will not be biased, driven or tethered, as, by, to, or from, “Inclusionary Tactics” or “Exclusionary Protocols” within the procedure of formatting and preparing our conclusions or Umpire Award of the Loss.

• We will not be influenced within our decisions by any party as to our performance or the final outcome of the Appraisal.

• We will hold no monetary stake within the appraisal other than our standard, customary and openly transparent hourly rates.

• We will not recognize any intangible items or elements within our conclusions or appraisals merely presented through verbal representations and without substantiating evidentiary documentation.

• Upon the completion of our loss investigations, it is our duty to utilize our findings, those of any “Outside Experts”, and the supporting and substantiating evidence provided to comprise a fair and just scope of repairs to “The Property” based upon our professional expertise, and the information provided, and without ties or interest to the claim, the property owner, or the carrier.

The information provided does not demonstrate or portray any advocacy of The CSI Group, LLC towards any parties either Insurance Carriers or Insured Policy Holders or their respective representatives.

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