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Before During and after a Catastrophic Event
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Pre & Post Disaster Preparedness
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Local & Regional Loss Consulting

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National Catastrophe Response

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Project Management

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Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

And ends with unmatched Resolution,
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Be Prepared…Be in the Know
When Disaster Strikes….Time Counts….Money Matters

No one can tell when a disaster will strike.

No one can tell what the damages will be.

However, implementing a Pre and Post Disaster Action Plan
can save your company time, money and additional losses.

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Priority Response Emergency Program (P.R.E.P.)

When Disaster Strikes you will meet a lot of “Yes Men”

When Disaster Strikes…The CSI Group says…"The answer is KNOW"

Know where to go:

Implement a Disaster Preparedness Plan for your family or co-workers and choose a safe “Go To” location for during the storm and a meeting place for when it’s over.

Know when to leave:

Nothing you have is more valuable than your life or the life of your loved ones or
Your possessions can be replaced, your lives cannot. Please do not rush back into your home or business looking for items until you know it is safe! And please, do not be a photography “Hero” ….You can always see the storm on the news once it’s safe.

Know what to Take:

Prepare a Disaster Survival kit with basic essentials and important documents that you may need;
Flashlights, Batteries, A Portable Radio, Candles, Snacks and Drinking Water should be stored in a “Ready Spot” and rotated for freshness on a regular basis. Don’t forget important medications or medical papers, and please DO NOT forget your pets and their vital needs.

Know what you have:

Take the time to document your belongings, your home or office and your valuables.
Even though they CAN be replaced, the hardest thing you will during a claim is justifying what you have lost. Keep records of all major purchases and specialty items that you acquire.

Know what you’ve lost:

Being INVOLVED with the preparation of the scope of repairs is vital to assuring that nothing is left out and that you will have no surprises at the end. Review and control ALL documents prepared on your behalf by a Contractor. Do not let the contractor have control of your insurance settlement or settlement funding.

Know what you are to do:

Your main responsibility and obligation after a major catastrophic event is to protect your home or business, your family or co-workers, and your loved ones from additional peril. Simply put, that is to perform the necessary “TEMPORARY REPAIRS” to eliminate additional peril to your home, and comfort those around you.  DO NOT perform, or be coerced into signing for, or performing permanent repairs, until your home has been inspected by your insurance company and approval has been given. Beware of contractors “selling” their services where they say… “You don’t have to worry about your insurance…We will take care of that.”  DO NOT allow yourself to be pushed into signing anything without the time to review!

Know your contractor:

The hardest thing is to see your home, or the home of your loved ones, in a state of disaster.
Your instinct tells you to rush in and get it back together. During major catastrophic events, many unqualified people and companies pose and present themselves as Restoration Contractors. Remember it is YOUR home, and you will live there long after “They” are gone…But poor work and potential mold will stay with you and your home forever if you’re not careful.
Take the time to investigate before you sign for any repairs!

Know who to call

Please remember, When Disaster Strikes…The CSI Group…Is at Your Side...
As an industry leader for Non-Biased Third Party, Construction Consulting, Dispute Resolution Appraisals, Umpire Services, Expert Witness, Litigation Support, Clerk of the Works and Project Management…Give us a call… And leave the "Know How" to us!!!

Let CSI produce a Disaster action plan that can protect your assets and most importantly your home, your business, your family and your employees.

The Solutions to help you manage!.............The Knowledge to make it happen!

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