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Before During and after a Catastrophic Event
Your Critical Path To Success begins With Our:

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Pre & Post Disaster Preparedness
Planning and Programs

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Local & Regional Loss Consulting

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National Catastrophe Response

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Project Management

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Job Audits & Clerk of The Works

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Appraisal Services

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Umpire Services

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Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

And ends with unmatched Resolution,
Resolve and Results To each of our clients

Based upon the virtues of Truth Honesty And Integrity, it is our mission…
To provide each client with unbiased, impartial, comprehensive and expedient services unparalleled & unsurpassed by our industry colleagues and competitors.
Our Mission Statement:

•To provide fair and amicable resolutions
•To provide true and just resolve
•To provide conclusive results
•We pride ourselves on delivering cost effective impartial evaluations and estimates pertaining to your insurance claim needs and construction related issues.
•We Strive to offer 24 hour response. We will treat all clients fairly and equally.
•Our professional staff will always provide prompt, courteous and efficient services along with expert information to substantiate your claims and assist you with your claims management needs.
•We will not be persuaded by outside influences.
•We will act and work with the best interest of the actual loss in mind.

Our Company Creed:

•It is our duty as Consultant, Appraiser and Umpire to investigate the loss, to make our own determinations and then if needed obtain substantiating opinions, recommendations, and protocols from non biased third party outside experts. It is then, and also, our duty to obtain any and all substantiating evidence including receipts, photographs, and supporting documentation from and of “The Loss” regarding costs of any suggested and declared specialty items, finishes, contents, or items that may no longer exist due to the extent of the loss.

•We will not, and do not appraise Cause and Origin or Policy Provisions unless the governing laws of the loss provide for such assessments; and even though we are hired either by the property owner or the carrier to perform as Consultant, Appraiser or Umpire, “The Property To Be Appraised” is our true and final client.

•We will not be biased, driven or tethered, as, by, to, or from, “Inclusionary Tactics” or “Exclusionary Protocols” within the procedure of formatting and preparing our conclusions or Appraisal of the Loss.

•We will not be influenced within our decisions by any party as to our performance or the final outcome of the Appraisal.

•We will hold no monetary stake within the appraisal other than our standard, customary and openly transparent hourly rates.

•We will not recognize any intangible items or elements within our conclusions or appraisals merely presented through verbal representations and without substantiating evidentiary documentation.

•Upon the completion of our loss investigations, it is our duty to utilize our findings, those of any “Outside Experts”, and the supporting and substantiating evidence provided to comprise a fair and just scope of repairs to “The Property” based upon our professional expertise, and the information provided, and without ties or interest to the claim, the property owner, or the carrier.

Our Company Moto:

“The Loss is the Loss, Nothing more, Yet Nothing less”

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